Allergy agent more potent in inhibition of IL-6, tryptase

May 1, 2003
Theorharis Theorharides, MD

Dr. Theorharides, professor of pharmacology and internal medicine and biochemistry, Tufts Unversity School of Medicine and New England Medical Center, Boston.

Lynda Charters

Boston-Ophthalmic solutions of azelastine HCl (Optivar, Asta Medica/Muro Pharmaceutical Inc., Tewksbury, MA) and olopatadine HCl (Patanol, Alcon Laboratories, Fort Worth, TX) both effectively inhibit the activation of normal cultured human mast cells and the release of interleukin-6 (IL-6), tryptase, and histamine. However, azelastine seemed to be substantially more potent for treating ocular allergy when the two drugs were compared in an in vitro study.