Adaptive cataract surgery system streamlines procedure


Harvey Uy, MD, has been using the Ally adaptive cataract treatment system at his clinic in the Philippines, and it is allowing him to be more efficient.

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Harvey Uy, MD, Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute: I'm Dr. Harvey Uy, from the Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute in the Philippines. I have been doing a femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery for a decade now. And it is wonderful technology, but it had some limitations. First of all, in my population of Asian eyes, sometimes it's very hard to put the PID on the eye. Secondly, it does take some time to transfer the patient from the laser area to the cap track area. So that's inefficient. And thirdly, we have to have defined space to have two machines in the operating theatre.

A new integrated femto laser and phaco machine, called the Ally system from Lensar, has come into the market, and it addresses many of our concerns. With this single system, we're able to bring the patient under one machine and perform the entire surgery in a single sterile environment.

The suction of this new machine is very good. So we're able to do the surgery even in small eyes, deep set eyes. We are able to complete the whole procedure faster, because we are able to scan the eye in just one go. The laser is two to four times faster than with the previous models.

And the most wonderful thing is after I do the laser part, I don't have to get up, the patient doesn't have to move. We can immediately proceed with the phacoemulsification. So this overall saves us about nine minutes of case time for every patient. And this adds up so this allows us to do more cases in one day. And the patients just love it because they don't have to have the hassle of transferring from one place to the other there.

They are already nervous after the laser. And they get more nervous when they're transferred to another room. So our patients are very happy. And right now we've done about 70 eyes with wonderful results. So I encourage you all to get this into your operating theatres. You'll be able to get good outcomes in much shorter time. Thank you.

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