Analyzing real-world registry study of YUTIQ for chronic non-infectious posterior uveitis

Ankur Shah, MD, discusses key highlights of his presentation titled "YUTIQ CALM: a real-world registry study of the fluocinolone acetonide intravitreal implant 0.18 mg in chronic non-infectious posterior uveitis," during ASRS 2021.

Intravitreal pegcetacoplan for GA: Phase 3 results of OAKS and DERBY studies

David Boyer, MD, reports on the use of pegcetacoplan to treat geographic atrophy when administered monthly or every-other-month regimens in the phase 3 DERBY and OAKS studies.

PDS with ranibizumab in nAMD shows similar results to monthly injections

Arshad Khanani, MD, MA, reports primary study findings from the phase 3 study on the Port Delivery System with ranibizumab.