Recent research suggests amblyopia has an affect on binocular vision

The study found that if certain forms of nystagmus that are seen in patients, then there is a higher chance of poor binocular visual function, as well as higher interocular suppression.

Study: Keratoconus patients experience challenges in getting timely corneal crosslinking that has led to permanent changes in their corneal structure

The study evaluates three separate cases, each which experiences irreversible changes in their corneal structure caused by challenges in getting timely treatment due to various reasons, including insurance, lost to follow up, and the coronavirus pandemic.

RNA-Seq analysis identifies cell subtypes to use as models for corneal wound healing

At ARVO 2022 in Denver, Colorado, Timothy Blenkinsop, MD, presented “3D Eye Organoids with Distinct Cornea.” His presentation outlined how these organoids have developed sophisticated cornea structures.

New PRO instrument helps measure patient experience with therapies such as anti-VEGF agents, lasers to treat their eye disease

May 09, 2022

Diana Do, MD, professor of ophthalmology at Stanford's Byers Eye Institute, presents research on a newly developed, novel patient-reported outcome instrument (PRO) for patients who have proliferative diabetic retinopathy and who are undergoing treatment with either intravitreal anti-VEGF therapy, or panretinal photocoagulation.