Study: Using OCT Doppler to measure retinal blood flow biomarkers

The study assess retinal blood biomarkers using a new prototype OCT, aiming to measure retinal biomarkers such as blood flow volume, average velocity, and vessel diameter with a new prototype.

Machine learning may predict optimal treatment regimen for patients with nAMD

Carlos Quezada Ruiz, MD, senior medical director at Genentech, discusses “Predicting optimal treatment regimen for patients with neovascular age-related macular degeneration using machine learning.”

Safety data for at-home subcutaneous injection option for treatment of wet AMD, DME

Jeff Cleland, PhD, CEO of Ashvattha, discusses safety data for an at-home subcutaneous injection option being developed for wet AMD and DME. The anti-VEGF candidate will enter a Phase 2 study later this year.