Why attend Real World Ophthalmology? A young ophthalmologist's perspective

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In those first few months, I realized there were so many aspects of real-life, post-residency practice we had never been taught during medical school or residency.

After I finished my first ophthalmology residency, I had the introductory real-world experience doing locum tenons jobs in private practice. And was I overwhelmed!

In those few months, I realized there were so many aspects of real-life, post-residency practice we had never been taught during medical school or residency. From practice management, finances, and workflow to the challenges of doing those first solo surgeries...

The real-life practice was a lot more than what we learned from the books, and from taking care of patients under the supervision of our mentors.

So, when I was invited to moderate a session last fall at the Real World Ophthalmology (RWO) meeting, I stuck around for the meeting all day as it was incredibly impressive. I kept learning new precious pearls every minute of the program. Yes, it was that high yield!

The meeting answered the practical questions that we all face as young ophthalmologists, both during and after residency. It was also an opportunity to become familiar with the latest innovations in treatments and devices, both in clinical and surgical settings, and to enjoy tons of trivia fun throughout the day in the chat section, with many glamourous prizes as well as inspirational award categories.

At the end of the day, I felt very much motivated to always pursue excellence in all aspects of ophthalmology practice. The list of awards was extensive. Every aspect of exemplary ophthalmology practice was highlighted. The nominations were in excellence in patient care, research, teaching, innovation, scientific contribution, mentorship, leadership, humanism, advocacy, professionalism, and ethics.

This Spring, the second edition will be held on Saturday, April 2, with a full-day program, filled with extremely interesting topics and an incredible faculty that I cannot wait to learn from and network with.

The awards are particularly highly anticipated as they will be recognizing meritorious young ophthalmologists and celebrating their achievements, which is always energizing and inspiring. The categories are so diverse, and nominations have been submitted for the following categories:

  • Skilled Surgeon Award.Inspiring Academic Leader Award.
  • Practice Trailblazer Award.
  • Humanism in Ophthalmology Award.
  • Excellence in Community Service Award.
  • Outstanding Patient Advocate Award.
  • Visionary Award.

As much as I love learning from all the speakers in various sessions throughout the day, I look forward to the awards of this next RWO, as they are always a glimpse into the future, and a close look to the qualities of the excellent ophthalmologist that we all aspire to be. I hope you will join me to learn, network, and honor the amazing winners!

To join us for “Real World Ophthalmology: Tell Me Your Secrets” on Saturday, April 2, from 8 am to 5:30 pm Eastern, please register at www.RealWorldOphthalmology.com/tickets. Registration is complimentary for all young ophthalmologists and will close once maximum capacity is reached.

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