Who are you talking to?

To communicate with your staff, you need to be sure the message is clear to all.

In my younger years that would initiate quite the snappy comeback. Now that I have grown wiser with age, I seem to see some of the wisdom of his words.

A few months back, I had the opportunity to attend an ophthalmic meeting. I enjoy teaching and meeting with other colleagues. It gives me great insight into what other people are encountering with their staff, practices, and patients.

I had such a discussion with a physician regarding his office. The main gist of his frustration was that he was having a hard time "communicating" the goals he wanted to achieve in a number of areas with his staff.

My response-"That's because you are not a tech"-didn't bring a smile to his face. When I asked if he had a lead technician/supervisor, he said he had one in the past, but the staff wouldn't listen to her. So, he now was managing the technicians, and this was not going as well as he would have liked.

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