Top 15 ophthalmology stories of 2015

Check out the most popular stories of the year!

15.  5 pearls to manage white cataracts 

In this article, Brock Bakewell, MD, FACS, explained that not all white cataracts are created equal. While some may have a liquid cortex, making the procedure even more difficult, Dr. Bakewell gives step-by-step advice on how to use capsular dye and decrompress the anterior capsule the most effective way possible.



14. Bionic lens can restore high-quality vision

According to Ocumetrics Technology Corp., based in Canada, the IOL can result in vision three times better than 20/20. When this news first broke, the company estimated Canadian and European approval by 2017 and FDA clearance two to three years after that. Don’t hold your breath, though-estimated surgical fees are $3,200 per eye!



13. In defense of Sen. Rand Paul

Zach Oakey, MD, ophthalmology resident at University of California, Irvine, presented another perspective when it comes to the GOP Presidential Candidate.

Check out his story here.


12. Caught between a husband and a wife: A cautionary surgical tale

Save yourself (and your patients some grief) and check out Dr. Packer’s blog based on his own professional experience. 


11. Identifying, managing dysphotopsia after cataract surgery

Jack T. Holladay, MD, explains the various treatments to tackle both positive and negative dysphotopsias.



10. Devil's advocate: OD-performed surgery dangerous, but could be legal

This story about the proposed change to the California Professions and Economic Development Committee policy caught everyone’s attention! 


9. 7 common lies you’ve been told about optical shops

Did you know selling high-end frame lines doesn’t always translate to higher profits? If not, you might want to check out these popular myths.


8. Top-paying states for ophthalmic techs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the most ophthalmic techs are in Texas, California, Florida, New York, and North Carolina, but none of those are in the top 5 paying states! Find out which states made the list.  


7. Worst places to practice in 2015

Is your state on the list? 


6. OD-performed surgery unacceptable, dangerous (Part 2)

After such a big response to the first article, Zack Oakey, MD, wrote a sequel to continue the discussion.


5. Top med school regrets

If only you had all this condensed advice when you were still in medical school! These tokens of wisdom were so popular, we published a second set of them here.


​4. Top 10 healthcare advancements over past 20 years

Anti-VEGF therapy and the ultrasound made the list, find out what else changed the healthcare world in the past two decades. 


3. Best ophthalmic hospitals for 2015

Jules Stein and Johns Hopkins are in the top 5, but guess which hospital gets all the bragging rights? 


2. Best ophthalmic hospitals in the U.S.


Find out who made the list! 


1. Did you know these 7 men were ophthalmologists?

Did you know Charles Horace Mayo, one of the founding brothers of the Mayo Clinic, was an ophthalmologist? There’s a few others you wouldn’t suspect. 

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