Premium frames: Taking eyewear sales to next level

Given the choice, who wouldn't rather wear premium frames?

Given the choice, who wouldn't rather wear premium frames?

These frames are crafted with the finest materials, with attention given to superb fitting and styles created by famous designers.

Of course, not all of your patients will be able to consider premium frames.

If you think about it, a premium frame sporting a designer label is a lot more value than an entire designer outfit or bag.

Selling "jewelry for the eyes" should be an enjoyable process for both you and your patients.

Display. Showcasing premium frames should be done in specialized areas designed to attract attention.

Place a few high-end frames near a heavy-traffic area, such as the reception area. Perhaps this display should be in a glass showcase or cube, with lighting to emphasize the display.

Find a few other key spots in the dispensary left solely for premium frame displays. Limit the number of premium frames in any display to suggest one-of-a-kind pieces. You can have different sizes and color options in stock close by when necessary.

Do not mix premium frames with your regular inventory. They should be set apart, as if on a pedestal.

Displays must be sparkling clean. Consider placing women's frames on pieces of velvet or displaying men's eyewear on polished pieces of wood or marble.

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