Play active role in customer service and sales

Based on the fact that extraordinary customer service can be a game changer to help position your practice for success in this unstable economy, this article builds from last month's piece on customer service.

In real estate, it used to be about "location, location, location." Simply put, the better the area, the higher the price a property could command and the quicker it would be expected to sell. In the challenged housing market today, we are seeing an important emphasis being placed on the image and personalized options that the property has to offer-things that tap into the emotions of prospective buyers.

Consider the explosion of interest in home decorating/makeover shows on television. People are interested in tips for how to enhance the image and appeal of their properties to get the best return on investment and ensure a quick sale at the best price. How can they present their property in the most desirable manner? How can a few minor "staging" tactics translate into increased buyer interest and revenue?