Online tool preps residents for OKAP exams


A new Web site helps subscribers prepare for their OKAP exams, written boards and recertification for boards.

"We really wanted a more contemporary knowledge base," Dr. Stern said. "We struggled to create our own multiple-choice questions and really saw a need."

The two went on to fellowships and private practice, but never forgot their vision for something better. About a year ago, they finally started working on a Web site to help ophthalmic trainees study, and it went live in August.

"It has thousands of questions on all aspects of ophthalmology, and it simulates the real exam better than any other study tool, including being timed," Dr. Stern said. "It is easy to navigate and gives you instant feedback with detailed explanations about the correct answers. It really lets you use your study time well."

Constant updating

"We work on it a few hours each night after the kids are in bed to update it, and we have contributors from many areas who help us keep it current in their field of expertise," he said.

Among some of the contributors:

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