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NovaBay Pharmaceuticals Inc. announces the launch of Avenova Eye Health Support oral supplement


Avenova Eye Health Support oral supplement aims to comfort dry eyes and support overall eye health.

a bottle of supplements tipped over on a table with the pills spilling out of the bottle

Avenova Eye Health Support is a new antioxidant-rich oral supplement to comfort dry eyes. (Image Credit: Adobe Stock/TKBstudio)

NovaBay Pharmaceuticals Inc. announced the launch of OTC Avenova Eye Health Support, a new antioxidant-rich oral supplement to comfort dry eyes.

According to a press release from the company1, OTC Avenova Eye Health Support is an oral supplement featuring a “combination of MaquiBright®, a nutrient-rich, antioxidant-dense extract of the superfruit maqui berry, and high quality, natural triglyceride omega-3 oils and helps to support overall eye health.”

Justin Hall, NovaBay CEO, went into detail about the benefits of Avenova Eye Health Support in the release.

“Our eyes are under more stress than ever with increasing computer screen time, air pollution and indoor heating and cooling, all of which can lead to dry eye and eye fatigue. In fact, up to 49 million Americans suffer from dry eyes and the global market for dry eye products is expected to grow at 5% annually, reaching nearly $9 billion by 2030,” said Hall. “We’re excited to offer a unique eye health supplement that has the potent maqui berry extract, which has 3 times the antioxidant level of blueberries and is found only in the forests of Patagonia. This product is unique in the marketplace and the clinical effects of the maqui berry extract are impressive.”

According to the release, participants in a 4 week, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study on the effects of MaquiBright®extract showed an 89% increase in tear production and reported a 57% improvement in dry eye discomfort with Avenova Eye Health Support.

The oral supplement is the latest addition to Avenova’s catalog of eyecare products targeting the dry eye market.

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