New foldable IOL now available on acrylic platform

Colorado Springs, CO—On Sept. 1, Advanced Medical Optics (AMO) launched its Tecnis foldable acrylic IOL (ZA9003) in the United States after receiving FDA approval for marketing in August.

Colorado Springs, CO-On Sept. 1, Advanced Medical Optics (AMO) launched its Tecnis foldable acrylic IOL (ZA9003) in the United States after receiving FDA approval for marketing in August.

By offering the material and performance benefits of the hydrophobic Sensar AR40-E with OptiEdge plus the vision benefits of the Tecnis wavefront-designed optic that reduces spherical aberration, the new lens combines the advantages of two existing IOL platforms, according to the manufacturer.

Steven Dewey, MD, an ophthalmologist in private practice in Colorado Springs, CO, enjoyed early access to the new Tecnis acrylic IOL after its approval. After having implanted it in a small series of eyes, he is satisfied with its handling and early outcomes and is pleased to have this new alternative for his patients.

Because much of the state of Colorado is rural, the opportunity for better night vision with the modified prolate design Tecnis IOL is an important consideration for many patients in his practice, Dr. Dewey said. In fact, the Tecnis lenses-the original Z9000 and Z9001 and the new Tecnis Acrylic ZA9003-are the only lenses with FDA-approved labeling claims for improved functional vision, including nighttime driving.

"With the approval of the Tecnis acrylic IOL, cataract surgeons will now be able to offer that advantage to their patients whether they prefer a silicone or acrylic platform," he added.

New lens description

The optic of the Tecnis acrylic IOL is 6 mm in diameter, biconvex, and features the exclusive OptiEdge design from AMO that is characterized by a rounded anterior edge to scatter light associated with causing halos, a sloping side edge to reduce the potential for glare, and a squared posterior edge to facilitate 360° capsular contact. The haptics of the Tecnis acrylic IOL are a modified C style, constructed of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), and have an overall length of 13 mm. At launch, the Tecnis acrylic IOL is available in powers from 16 to 24 D in 0.5-D increments. The power range will be expanded to 10 to 30 D early in 2006.

Dr. Dewey noted that he has long favored acrylic IOLs and has been very satisfied by his experience using the Sensar with OptiEdge because it has been both surgeon- and patient-friendly.

The Sensar offers him wonderful handling characteristics and his patients excellent vision outcomes together with capsule clarity over the long term after surgery, according to Dr. Dewey.

"I now have patients who are 4 years out after implantation of the Sensar with OptiEdge and I continue to be amazed by how clear their capsules have remained," he said.

The Tecnis acrylic IOL is inserted into the Emerald C cartridge and delivered using the rotary-threaded Emerald T or Emerald XL inserter handpiece that allow for efficient implantation through an incision as small as 2.6 mm. With its blue PMMA haptics, the surgeon can easily confirm the haptic configuration while the Tecnis acrylic IOL is loaded in the inserter cartridge and during its insertion into the capsule.

Dr. Dewey noted he has been using the Emerald XL insertion system since its introduction. He appreciates its larger knob and smaller threads compared with the Emerald T Unfolder because he has found it makes lens delivery even simpler and more controlled. In addition, in his experience implanting more than 1,500 acrylic Sensar IOLs with an Emerald Unfolder system, Dr. Dewey notes he cannot recall a decentered lens.

"Centration with this acrylic platform IOL and delivery system has been just fantastic," he said.

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