Massie Labs brings digital eye imaging to adult patients

New Orleans-Massie Laboratories Inc. introduces the ADIS-9000, a device that brings the company's RetCam technology for early detection of pediatric eye diseases to the adult market.

ADIS-9000 is a new tool for panoramic imaging of the adult anterior segment. Clinicians can visualize and document pathologies that occur in the front chamber of the eye, including views of the iridocorneal angle. This provides for detection and monitoring of primary open-angle glaucoma, which represents about 80% of known glaucoma patients around the world.

ADIS-9000 offers high-resolution, hand-held versatility to a variety of ophthalmic specialties in the private practice setting. In addition, the ADIS-9000, which records and replays digital video of examination segments for dynamic documentation, offers both high-resolution digital still or full-resolution digital video imaging options.

Using a technique similar to an ultrasound exam, the learning curve for the ADIS-9000 user is dramatically short, measured in minutes rather than months, as with previously available methods. Live images, displayed on the system's high-resolution LCD monitor, offer instant feedback for image orientation and focus, making the recording of still images or recording of a dynamic procedure achievable at any skill level.

"Existing photography technology of this very discreet area of the eye takes many years to master and requires a great deal of skill and practice," said Bert Massie, PhD, founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Massie Labs. "With its digital imaging capability and its ease-of-use, the ADIS-9000 provides superior images and offers convenience to practitioners and maximum comfort for their patients."

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