IOL delivery enhanced with introduction of new unfolder

The cartridge allows easy IOL loading, visualization of progression, and implantation through an unenlarged incision.

Like the Emerald T, the Emerald XL features a threaded mechanism for advance. However, the threads on the XL are finer and closer together and the wheel used to advance the IOL is larger. Those elements combined make IOL delivery with the Emerald XL more effortless and more controlled, said Dr. Jenkins, who is in private practice with offices in Conroe and The Woodlands, TX.

Unfolder characteristics Aside from its modified advance mechanism, the Emerald XL retains all of the desirable features of the other unfolders in the Emerald line. It uses the same clear, small-diameter Emerald C Cartridge that allows for easy IOL loading, visualization of implant progression, and implantation through an unenlarged phaco incision as small as 2.6 mm. Like all Emerald Unfolders, the Emerald XL also has a conical tip shape that won't alter wound architecture or cause incision stretching. In addition, its rod tip is highly polished so as to protect the IOL optic surface, designed to facilitate haptic release and control, and sloped to permit smooth withdrawal after IOL delivery.

Dr. Jenkins noted that the AR-40E has been a workhorse for him in his cataract surgery practice.

"This implant centers very well in the eye, and with its three-piece construction, it continues to maintain its position," he said. "With implantation of the AR-40E, I can also count on achieving predictable refractive outcomes to provide excellent vision.

"Power calculations using this IOL have been extremely accurate, and I have encountered no surprises of under- or overcorrections," he said.

The AR-40E features the exclusive OptiEdge of AMO with a rounded anterior edge, sloping side edge, and squared posterior edge to offer the best of all worlds in edge design.

"In my anecdotal experience, the squared posterior edge has been helpful for minimizing development of posterior capsule opacification, and thanks to the rounded anterior edge and sloping side edge, my patients have experienced minimal to no dysphotopsia, which can be a problem with IOLs having a square posterior edge," Dr. Jenkins said.

Introduction of the Emerald XL Unfolder illustrates the dedication of AMO to continue to develop product options that will enhance the safety and efficacy of cataract surgery.

"AMO is committed to providing surgeons with a choice of IOLs of the highest quality that provide optimal patient outcomes," said June Cassell, director of global strategy and U.S. marketing, phaco and adjuncts, AMO. "In addition, we are pleased to offer a choice of insertion devices to ensure safe, controlled delivery of our lenses.

"The Emerald XL Unfolder represents the latest development in our insertion family, and it features a larger knob and smaller threads compared with the Emerald T Unfolder that allow for additional ease and control during implantation of the Sensar with OptiEdge," she said.