Intraocular lens choices continue to expand


European surgeons have access to a wide and expanding range of premium IOLs for implantation after cataract surgery/refractive lens exchange as well as several phakic IOLs.

"In 2010, about 215,000 premium IOLs were implanted in Europe," said Dr. Colin, professor and chairman, Department of Ophthalmology, Bordeaux University Medical School, France. "However, this volume represents only 7.2% of the pseudophakic IOL market, which suggests we can do better in the future."

Recent data indicate multifocal IOLs dominate the premium IOL market, accounting for about 40% of premium implants, but they are followed closely by toric IOLs, which had a 36% share, while accommodating IOLs and phakic IOLs represented only about 10% of the procedures.

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