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Glaucoma 360: ‘Innovation is marching on’


Adrienne Graves, PhD, and Andrew Iwach, MD, co-founders of Glaucoma 360, highlight the 13th annual Glaucoma 360 New Horizons Forum, held this year at the Westin St. Francis San Francisco on Union Square.

Video Transcript

Editor's note - This transcript has been edited for clarity.

Peg Achenbach, OD, FAAO:

We are here today at Glaucoma 360 in San Francisco, California, with Dr. Andrew, Iwach and Dr. Adrienne Graves. Please tell us how you think the meeting is going so far, and also what you are looking forward to most in the development of glaucoma treatment and diagnosis.

Adrienne Graves, PhD:

Well, thank you for having us, first of all, and we're actually thrilled and really excited today. We've just finished the morning session. This is our 13th annual Glaucoma 360 New Horizons Forum. When we first started well, first of all, there was no MIGS device on the market. So a lot has changed since then. A few people said to us at the beginning, "Do you really think it should be an annual meeting? There's not all that much innovation in Glaucoma?" Well, this is our 13th year and innovation is marching on incredibly. And it has been an exciting meeting so far. We have had some interesting sessions so far. We are so pleased with the both the industry participation, the KOL participation, and the entrepreneurs and innovators. There's there's so much happening, and we're really looking at some of the most exciting things including neuroprotection, and vision restoration, among other things.

Andrew Iwach, MD:

I mean, it really has been an amazing morning, so far. We had Sean Ianchulev give a nice summary of the many things that he's working on, and he also announced a new product that he's hoping to bring to market very soon. Then we had Ike Ahmed, who gave the big picture. He brought out his crystal ball and kind of predicted where we will be. We've had presentations from industry panelists who are very open, really telling us where they are what they want to do over the next year. It is really setting us up for our 2025 meeting, because they've told us kind of where they want to be. I'm looking forward to getting updates next year. And that's one of the nice things as Adrienne said, when we started this people say, oh, gosh, is there enough? In fact, we even shared some Medicare data that shows that, my goodness, there's such changes in what we're doing. This is a very dynamic, active time. We also had input from a patient who came up on stage said this makes a difference.

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