Expanded indications offer successful outcomes for many more patients

With the FDA's recent approval of expanded indications for Alcon's LADARVision system, I can now treat up to 93% of my myopic LASIK candidates with a customized wavefront-guided procedure.

The current indications are for the correction of myopia up to -8 D, with or without astigmatism up to -4 D, the broadest treatment range for any wavefront-guided system that I am familiar with.

Using this method, the laser treats exactly at the same area where the measurements were obtained, regardless of unavoidable cyclotorsion, allowing the most precise treatment. I also think the fact that we no longer need to be concerned about angle kappa considerations is very important.

Preoperatively, the mean spherical equivalent was -4.10 D (-0.88 to -10.63 D). Mean sphere was -3.57 D, and went as high as -9.75 D. Mean cylinder was -1.07 D, but ranged as high as -5 D.