EnVision Summit 2023: Creating the perfect environment


Multiple attendees of this year's EnVision Summit share insights into what makes the EnVision Summit an enjoyable experience and a great place to learn.

Multiple attendees of this year's EnVision Summit sat down with MJH Life Sciences' Peg Achenbach, OD, FAAO, Executive Director/Global Ambassador Strategies, Ophthalmology and Optometry, to share insights into what makes the EnVision Summit an enjoyable experience and a great place to learn.

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Tayyeba Ali, MD:

So I love coming to this meeting, I've been coming since its original inception. And it is a wonderful opportunity to connect with colleagues, especially for me, many of them are on the East Coast. And so coming from California, here, is an opportunity to once again meet with everybody. And also what I love about this meeting is that the mornings are dense, scientific CME, acquiring opportunities, and then we are able to spend some quality time with our families, our children, and really enjoy the beautiful weather out here. So it's just a wonderful, sort of the intersection of being involved with science and academics and learning, but also having a little bit of time to connect with one another.

Laxmi Devisetty, MD:

So actually, this is my first year, I was offered a talk for talking about floaters and what we do with them, what are the new guidelines, and what are the surgical and non-surgical interventions for floaters. And I am honored to be here, but what impressed me about EnVision is how family-friendly it is. And so I'm here with my two kids, and they've been having a blast so far at the El Conquistador Resort. And it's been a great experience so far. Professionally, it's interacting with colleagues. And that is huge, especially when you're in your own practice. And so that's been a very nice collaboration of ideas. And also in general, finding out what others have been doing, especially when we're talking about different practice guidelines, and how we can better improve our own careers even.

Hong-Uyen Hua, MD:

The EnVsion Summit is excellent. This is my first time attending. And it's an amazing time, I love that it's very family-oriented, and that we're very welcome to bring our partners to the event, and that they can take part and see the beauty of ophthalmology and why we love our field.

Eubee Koo, MD:

So I'm here because a lot of my mentors are here. And there is a very strong Bascom Palmer cohort here. And that's where I trained and so yeah. And lots of powerful, really great women speaking and so I thought I'd come and check it out.

Maja Kostic, MD, MPH, PhD:

Oh, my gosh, that's an amazing question. You know, EnVision is my favorite meeting. And not only for me, it's also for my whole family, because it's like a family-friendly meeting. So I think that my kids didn't sleep, you know, last two nights before we came here. And it's like, so nice, so well organized. We can learn from each other in a very nice atmosphere. And I think that I would like to have more of those meetings. It's a great idea. And I'm really thankful to Bonnie to Doctor Berrocal and to all of you that are organizing, you know, such a great meeting.

Bonnie An Henderson, MD:

Well, I had a great time at Envision Summit. So I hope everyone else who attended had a great time as well. It's been a terrific meeting with lots of people from all over the US and all over the world. And I think, well, personally, I think the speakers were really amazing. They were so articulate, and so bright. And each of the presentations that I listened to were just really concise and very, very informative. I think the venue was really, really perfect for families and individuals, and all aspects. The industry partners were amazing. Just, you know, everything went very smoothly. So I'm thrilled, and I hope everyone else enjoyed it as well.

Himani Goyal, MD:

Oh my god, this is my favorite EnVision Summit. This is my third time, would have been my fourth if we didn't have to skip a year for COVID. And I, you know, really, it's interesting, because the first time I came, I got to see speakers that I don't get to see at other conferences, because here they have a daycare, they are really reaching out to moms. And they got the stage removing all these barriers that prevent us from leaving our kids and coming in person. And I learned so much. We're all doing so many amazing things and don't always get to teach and leave that behind to come and spread that knowledge. And this is really the one conference that takes that barrier away and lets all these amazing people come in, you know, I did say maybe it's my bias that I relate to them and I feel like I have open ears but it's really more it's just one of the best conferences. It's casual. We're just so comfortable. And really hearing from minds that we can't really always hear from at the big conferences.

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