Dual-optic accommodating intraocular lens maintains functional performance over time

Results from 3 years of follow-up in patients with the dual-optic accommodating IOL implanted bilaterally show this second-generation accommodating technology provides adequate and stable functional vision at all distances.

Dr. Alarcón presented serial data on visual performance from prospective follow-up of 14 patients enrolled in a noncomparative study he is conducting with his colleague Victor Bohórquez, MD. Excellent functional vision was maintained at all distances at 3 years, and accommodative amplitude and rate of complete spectacle independence remained high.

"The dual-optic accommodating IOL is designed to simulate the crystalline lens, completely filling the capsular bag without stretching it, and working with the natural structures of the eye to provide true accommodation," said Dr. Alarcón, department of ophthalmology, ServiOftalmos, Bogotá, Colombia.

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