Clip-ons: Beyond sunglasses

It is estimated that only 35% of those who own eyeglasses also own sunglasses.

In my experience, the main reason why patients do not own sunglasses is the expense. Although dedicated sunglasses always are a good choice, clip-ons are a versatile and less expensive alternative.

Clip-ons, however, are useful as more than just sunglasses. Clip-ons can be glazed with low plus lenses and used for a wide variety of near tasks ranging from reading to using a computer to sewing to playing a musical instrument.

Some advantages of clip-ons are:

Matched clip-ons and snap-ons

Two types of clip-ons are available: matched and custom. For the matched type, the chassis is matched against a patient's frame until the closest-fitting one has been identified.

Custom designs are made by the practice's in-house or outside laboratory when the patient's prescription lenses are edged, ensuring a perfect match.

Not all clip-ons actually clip on; some attach to the frame using magnets and some snap on behind the frame's bridge.

However they attach, clip-ons are a great way to boost your dispensary's second pair sales and position your dispensary as offering unique and versatile products.

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Arthur De Gennaro is president of Arthur De Gennaro & Associates LLC, an ophthalmic practice management firm that specializes in optical dispensary issues. De Gennaro is the author of the book The Dispensing Ophthalmologist. He can be reached at 803/359-7887,
, or through the company's Web site, He maintains a blogat

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