Book a 'spectacle' with kids

Author Rhonda Fischer wrote her children's book "Randy Kazandy, where are your glasses?" to share a family story and entertain children.

The hero of the story is Randy, a little boy who is upset with the idea of having to wear glasses. He thinks he looks like an alien in them. He proceeds to do away with pair after pair, the glasses being quickly replaced by his mother who anticipates this reaction. Finally, when Randy sees his father also wearing glasses, he begins to accept this new adventure.

As Fischer explained, " 'Now, I look a bit more like you' is all Randy needs to turn the corner. 'I'm proud of you, son,' are just the words that Randy requires for his breakthrough to 'see' the world more clearly."

"The illustrations typify an everyday little boy, freckles and all, but the real beauty of this story is the theme of loving yourself," Fischer said. "The book is a wonderful tool for eye-care professionals to use to begin discussions with younger patients about being open-minded and coping with changes that vision problems may bring.

"But the book is loved by boys and girls, bespeckled or not," she added.

'Another kind of music'

Fischer is a classically trained pianist whose musical talents are reflected in the rhyming of Randy Kazandy. She called her stories "another kind of music." She wrote this story based on her brother-in-law, Randy, and his experience as a child with vision challenges.

One reader, Michael R. Kostura, MS, OD, at Dove Canyon Optometry, said, "Endearing and genuine, Randy Kazandy is a character that every glasses-wearing child will relate to and draw inspiration from. His story doesn't hide or minimize the negative emotions that a child goes through when getting glasses for the first time. Instead, it shows how one little boy rises above them, finding courage and joy. Randy will make all the children out there who don't wear glasses feel left out!"


Rhonda Fischer
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The book is available through several online book retailers.

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