Bausch + Lomb partners with Heidelberg Engineering to introduce SeeLuma


SeeLuma is a “Fully Digital Surgical Visualization Platform” to assist ophthalmic surgeons.

(Image Credit: AdobeStock/Timon)

SeeLuma was developed to facilitate even the most complex surgical procedures. (Image Credit: AdobeStock/Timon)

Bausch + Lomb and Heidelberg Engineering announced the introduction of SeeLuma™ Fully Digital Surgical Visualization Platform, which provides ophthalmic surgeons with a new level of visualization compared to optical, hybrid, and retrofitted microscopes.

According to a news release from Bausch + Lomb1, SeeLuma was developed to facilitate even the most complex surgical procedures.

Joe Gordon, president, Global Consumer, Surgical and Vision Care, Bausch + Lomb discussed in the release the importance of this device for surgeons.

“As part of our broader mission, Bausch + Lomb aims to provide ophthalmic surgeons around the world with innovative visualization and intraoperative diagnostic technologies that enhance the surgical experience to ultimately help deliver better patient outcomes,” said Gordon. “The launch of SeeLuma is an important milestone on this journey, as it will serve as one of the key foundations for our future image-guided surgical applications.”

According to the company, SeeLuma features include a heads-up 3D monitor, multiple digital display options, and an intuitive interface that contribute to excellent visualization, ergonomics, smooth workflow, and an immersive educational experience.

Furthermore, the company states SeeLuma offers high-quality images as it relates to the depth of field, color reproduction, and contrast and resolution, “helping surgeons tackle complicated surgical cases with confidence and ease.” The platform also facilitates 3D heads-up surgery using 3D, 4K monitors, as well as unique digital binoculars. In addition, embedded functions allow the user to highlight and enhance anatomical landmarks to better distinguish anatomical features.

“SeeLuma addresses several challenges that many surgeons often struggle with when using surgical microscopes that are currently available,” said Siegfried Priglinger, professor, director and chairman, the University Eye Hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich, Germany. “Having access to a platform that offers cutting-edge visualization, efficient workflow and ergonomics, and educational features has the potential to really change the landscape and ultimately deliver tremendous benefits for current and future generations of surgeons, as well as their practices and patients.”

According to the release, SeeLuma is the only microscope with multiple digital display options that enables surgeons to operate ergonomically. The C-shaped suspension arm enables surgeons to view the 3D, 4K monitor straight ahead of them. The digital binoculars are mounted onto a separate suspension arm and allow surgeons to take on an ergonomic posture and work with ease.

SeeLuma will be introduced in the United States and Western Europe in April 2023 with additional countries to follow according to the release.

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