ARVO to launch new journal


The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology is launching a third journal, Translational Vision Science & Technology, an online-only, peer-reviewed journal emphasizing multidisciplinary research that bridges the gap between basic research and clinical care.

Key Points

What is translational research?

Translational research involves applying established knowledge, often from unexpected disciplines, to develop novel therapeutic or diagnostic technology. It is not necessarily focused on basic biological or mechanism discovery. Translational research tends to be multidisciplinary. Many variables have to be optimized to have a final product that is useful clinically. For example, development of a light-adjustable IOL requires expertise in polymer chemistry, optics, manufacturing, clinical trial design, regulatory affairs, and anterior segment surgery. Make a list of the different disciplines involved to bring any novel treatment to the ophthalmology clinic, and the same issue recurs.

How does TVST fit in with the process of innovation?

Once innovators decide to publish and promulgate their discoveries, they want expert, fair, and prompt reviews of their research. They also want their work to be noticed by potential partners such as venture capitalists, industry sponsors, and philanthropists, as well as by their colleagues. TVST aims to meet those needs.

Who is the editorial team?

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