Add-on accessories add up


It's the season to be thinking of ways to create extra sales to increase the profit picture for your office.

Key Points

What optical accessories are most successful? The following items are on the "must have" list for your office: readers, retainers/chains, cases, cleaners, and a few interesting miscellaneous items for your consideration.


Many reader companies offer displays with a set purchase amount. A collection might highlight glamorous readers with Swarovski crystals, readers in bright colors of the rainbow, and little models that slip into a case almost as small as a pen, as well as the clever Clic Readers that close at the bridge with a tough magnetic system for easy on-off.

Chains, retainers, and float devices

If you are selling readers, you definitely need to offer these little gems to keep them at the ready. Today's chains are so pretty they can be used even as standalone jewelry.

Companies such as LaLOOP and Cinzia have a wide price range of beauties designed with natural wood, sterling silver, freshwater pearls, sterling silver, and shells.

For active patients, tough retainers from EK Ekcessories made from braided cord or leather will keep precious readers or sunglasses right where they need to be.

When you hear that a patient is a water lover, grab a pair of ChumBuoys to give a quick demo. These attach to any retainer, and when glasses fall overboard, these keep eyewear afloat. Nothing will put a quick end to a day of fun at a water park faster than when expensive sunwear falls to the bottom of the waterslide pool.


While cases are expected at time of delivery with eyewear, it's important to spotlight high end cases as well as cases for special purposes.

Many case companies offer travel cases that can hold two or three pairs of eyewear-useful when eyeglasses need to be stuffed in a briefcase or suitcase. Of course, people need cases for sunglasses in their car, as well as in desk drawers. Keep a nice selection of hard clamshell-type cases for your active types; some case collections even have fun studded models.

Your female patients will especially appreciate clutch-type cases, some with rhinestones, beadwork, or little bows. Minibag cases are perfect to double as an evening purse for eyewear and lipstick.

If children like their cases, they are more likely to use them. A boring brown case will surely be stuffed into the bottom of a backpack, while a fun dog or lion case will be sitting ready for use. Ron's Optical has a great selection, and you will truly enjoy looking at the beautiful cases available from Astucci.

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