Aberrometer receives CE Mark


The iDesign aberrometer (Abbott) provides an advanced, high-definition measurement device for wavefront-guided LASIK procedures.

Milan, Italy-The iDesign Advanced WaveScan Studio aberrometer, a next-generation diagnostic tool for mapping and analyzing corneal aberrations in the eye for wavefront-guided LASIK procedures, has been awarded a CE Mark, according to Abbott, the device’s manufacturer.

The system makes an individual “blueprint” of the eyes, maps imperfections, and creates a treatment plan. After a corneal flap is created using the iFS femtosecond laser, the treatment plan is executed using the STAR S4 IR excimer laser system, providing computer-driven custom correction for each patient.

"The approval of the [aberrometer] in Europe further enhances the three-step iLASIK process to set a new standard for laser vision correction," said Jim Mazzo, senior vice president, Abbott Medical Optics.

The system offers high-definition measurements and state-of-the-art technology benefits including:

Precise alignment for more accurate, customized corneal and wavefront measurement;

Five diagnostic ocular measurements within a single capture sequence that determine the eye’s refractive error, wavefront error, corneal topography and curvature, and pupil size, providing a more efficient workflow for the physician;

A higher-definition wavefront sensor that can detect and map highly aberrated corneas, maximizing ocular capture rates and potentially expanding the pool of patients who may qualify for wavefront-guided LASIK procedures; and

Improved ease-of-use for the physician through an enhanced graphical interface with advanced video target aids and onscreen tools.

Clinical trials to support registration for the aberrometer have recently commenced at several sites across the United States.

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