6 steps to high-fashion, high-end sales

There is a growing awareness that business strategies used in the fashion industry can be applied successfully in the ophthalmic market.

How we, as optical professionals, present fashion and high-end frames can make or break the economic potential of a dispensary. Being able to communicate the differences between frames-and what makes them special-is crucial for success.

Applying six proven steps can enable you to up your fashion cred and increase your sales of high-end eyewear.

For example, if "tuff Harley" or way-outside-the-box fashions are in vogue in clothing and accessories, the optical transfer would be a "Geek Chic" look-bold, heavy eyewear designs. Adding precious materials, such as wood, chrome, and buffalo horn, help create a partnership between a current fashion trend and luxurious eyewear made of natural materials.

STEP 2: Match fashion looks with frame styles such as "Geek Chic," "Business," "Sporty," and "Weekend Glam."