CorneaGen debuts CTAK for treatment of keratoconus


According to the company, the treatment option can save time in the operating room and make the most of corneal donations.

(Image Credit: AdobeStock/Jevgenij)

(Image Credit: AdobeStock/Jevgenij)

CorneaGen unveiled its Corneal Tissue Addition for Keratoplasty (CTAK), a solution to corneal contouring for keratoconic eyes.

According to a news release, CTAK was developed by CorneaGen in partnership with CTAK LLC and Ziemer, and it offers patient-ready, gamma-irradiated sterile, non-immunogenic corneal tissue segments that are laser cut and custom-designed to a patient’s specific cone severity and location. 

Bernie Iliakis, president and CEO of CorneaGen, said the company was pleased to launch CTAK and looks forward to wide market adoption transforming the lives of patients diagnosed with keratoconus.

“We have a long history as innovators and tissue processing leaders. CTAK represents a true treatment advancement, while honoring and maximizing the gift of corneal donation,” he said.

William Wiley, MD, medical director at the Cleveland Eye Clinic Division of Midwest Vision Partners, noted that after a CTAK procedure, patients can experience a “wow” effect with their vision.

“We have seen immediate impressive improvements in best corrected and uncorrected vision,” he said. “This immediate improvement at the first follow-up is an exciting experience for those dealing with keratoconus.”

According to the news release, CorneaGen works with its ophthalmic industry partners to accomplish its mission. CTAK co-inventors include Peter S. Hersh, MD, FACS, Steven Greenstein, MD, and John Gelles, OD.

Hersh noted that the opportunity to advance the development of such an exciting keratoconus treatment by working with truly innovative and collaborative partners, CorneaGen and Ziemer, has been transformative.

“We’re able to improve patient vision, reducing the recovery time and risk compared to a corneal transplant,” he added.

In addition to product and tissue processing innovations, CorneaGen is involved in patient advocacy, helping tens of thousands of patients every year. CorneaGen provided more than 32,500 sight-restoring grafts in 2023 and has partnerships with more than 25 eye/organ/tissue banks to serve US corneal transplant needs, as well in nearly 50 countries worldwide.

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