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Mission statement:

The doctors at Glaucoma Associates of Texas (GAT) are ophthalmologists specializing in the medical, laser, and surgical treatment of glaucoma and cataracts. Each of our physicians has completed a clinical glaucoma fellowship, gaining extensive additional training to attain special expertise in the comprehensive management of glaucoma.

Our doctors and staff are here to serve you, and our dedication is to preserving your vision. The GAT doctors have over 60 years of combined experience treating patients with glaucoma, and it is this experience, fused with our dedication, that drives us to provide you with the best possible outcomes.

Being diagnosed with glaucoma may cause anxiety and fear. If you have glaucoma, we want to work with you to protect your vision in the years ahead. Our doctors will coordinate your care, tailoring your care and treatment to your needs. With early diagnosis and appropriate therapy, glaucoma rarely leads to blindness.

Whether you have recently been diagnosed with glaucoma or have been treated for many years, our website may answer many of your questions. We encourage you to learn about glaucoma and ask your doctor questions during your appointments. Together with you, our physicians and staff look forward to providing you the most advanced and balanced care for your disease.

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