Therapeutic Cataract & Refractive

Dispelling myths about refractive lens exchange

RLE, in unexpected twist, is gaining support among surgeons

Perioperative medications can eliminate postoperative drops after cataract surgery

Options can reduce the treatment burden for patients, leading to improved outcomes

Macular OCT imaging is vital in work-up of cataract surgery patients

Investigators find value in screening for macular disease in preoperative evaluation

Dropless, hands-free regimen key for patients

August 13, 2020

Following cataract surgery, the dropless option is proving to be a preferred method during recovery

Image quality or depth of field — or both?

August 13, 2020

ICYMI: Alice Epitropoulos, MD, FACS, speaks on "Image quality or depth of field or both: Clinical outcomes from spherical aberration neutral monofocal toric IOL," during the 2020 ASCRS virtual meeting.

Pass-through provides vehicle to drive innovation

July 30, 2020

As more novel ophthalmic drugs and devices become available under the CMS “pass-through”designation, practices should be proactive in embracing these products.

Surgeons discuss MIPS, impact of pass-through medications

July 03, 2020

Bonuses are the norm and not risked by pass-through medication use

AAO 2019: Newer options optimize pharmaceutical management for lens surgery patients

October 14, 2019

According to William D. Trattler, MD, surgeons today can choose from a number of newer modalities that address the drawbacks associated with previous options.